We drive growth

Too often companies are stuck in focussing on their daily activities.
Discover how FarmaClick will help you overcome the challenges of expanding your operations locally and abroad.

opportunities into business

Seeking growth beyond the existing business:

Expand your territory for your product portfolio.

Introduce suitable products to enhance your range.

Our story

With more than 50 years of combined expertise as former OTC industry CEO’s and managers, we understand and experienced the challenges hindering national & international expansion.  


We have also too often been presented new products to commercialize without a sound off an economic business case. So even potentially interesting product opportunities didn’t find their way to the market. And last but not least all those initiatives were full of risks and uncertainties: it would cost time, money and investments without any guarantees. It might even not lead to an economic sound business case.


We believe Head of OTC companies could use a business partner that will assist them in driving growth by offering a full package:  

  1. Rigorous facts-based analysis of a product (range) that offers opportunities for national & international expansion. 
  2. Crafting an executive business case with concrete 3 years business plan
  3. Identifying suitable partners  
  4. Negotiating agreements. 


And even better when that business partner is committed to deliver.  


That’s why we created FarmaClick: we ensure results-driven performance.  

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and costly adventures. 

Let FarmaClick drive your business growth, backed by decades of proven industry experience.  

Our approach

Step 1: Screening
Based on the understanding of your expectations, we will explore the business opportunity and align on the objectives.
Step 2: Crafting the executive business case
Based on in depth analyses, we present a 3 years executive business plan, including the realistic potential and return on investment.
Step 3: Forging business partnerships
Subsequent the due diligence of appropriate business partners, FarmaClick fully manages the negotiation and finalisation of the Agreement.
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About us

Marc Verlinden

  • 32 years experience in OTC Farma
  • Co-owner Qualiphar – Gifrer (1994-2023)
  • Founder and President BACHI (2008-2023)
  • President Europharm SMC (2015-2018)

Hernando Acosta

  • 15 years in FMCG + 17 years in OTC Farma
  • RVP Cooper-Vemedia Consumer Healthcare (2008-2020)
  • CCO Qualiphar – Gifrer (2021-2023)
  • Founder and Board Member BACHI (2008-2020)

We drive growth

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